CD Transport Belt Drive CEC CD 5 / DAC USB

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Made in Japan
Since CEC introduced world’s first Belt-Drive CD Transport in 1991, a lot of music lovers have enjoyed its rich musical sound, which CEC continues to improve on. A heavier stabilizer brings a more stable rotation of the disc and the Belt-Drive system eliminates the affects of vibration and electromagnetic noise caused by the motor rotation. In order to read the signal recorded with Constant Linea Velocity (CLV) on CD, rotation speed should be slowed down as it goes to the outside. Usually the spindle motor controls the variation of speed. All CD players and transports place the spindle motor beneath the turntable for CD and the motor shaft works as the turntable center, this is called direct drive system. Stable and accurate rotation requires a bigger torque of motor itself, which inevitably creates certain vibration and the electromagnetic noise. In CEC TL 5 the spindle motor is placed independently from the center shaft and vibration as well as electromagnetic noise effect to the CD are thus minimized. A heavy CD stabilizer provides bigger inertia of turntable and achieves a stable and smooth rotation of discs. Smaller torque motor and longer distance from the motor to the center shaft (turntable) create the ideal fundamentals of music reproduction.


Drive System: Belt Drive // Spindle
Playable Discs: Audio CDs & Finalized CD-R/RWs
Power Supply: AC 120V/230V/ 50-60Hz
CD Stabilizer: Diameter 70mm, Weight 330g (Brass)
Digital Output: AES/EBU x 1: 2.5Vp-p/110Ω (pin2=hot); COAXIAL x 1: 0.5Vp-p/75Ω; TOS x 1: -21 ~ -15dBm EIAJ

Digital imput: Coaxial @ 24/192, Toslink 24/92, USB @ PCM 32/384 @ DSD256

Consumption: 17W

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C.E.C. – Japan

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